Time to Blog Again!

I’ve lost count how many times I wrote these type of posts. Maybe I should stop doing them and just go ahead and post something insightful/deep/inspiring/whatnot instead. I feel like I have to do this post though. The clean slate post, I like to call it. The starting over post.

I also debated internally whether I want to keep my previous posts or REALLY start over from scratch. For the moment the keeping side wins. That makes it not exactly a clean slate but whatever.

The other debate I still have, as always, is the question of having one blog for all the things I want to blog about or having separate ones for different main purposes. I’ve tried both, and they all usually end in abandonment, so let’s try the easy one first, huh? Everything in one place it is then.

I suppose I never do plan on abandoning my blog, and there are times when I simply itch to blog. I would sometimes even compose entire blog posts in my head. They just never get written down. Because life gets in the way, I would argue, but mostly it’s because I’m just too lazy to do it. You have time for everything and anything you prioritize, so when I don’t blog, it’s because I haven’t really been prioritizing it.

Blogging has always been my thing, though, ever since I first got on the Internet, which was… ugh, 15 years ago, at least. I know I wrote some things online before my pitas days, things that no longer exist. It’s quite amazing that pitas still exists, BTW. I wish I actually remember all my past blogs. Oh well, those I still remember will have to do. But I digress. Blogging has always been my thing and the fact that the thought of blogging keeps nagging me is probably a sign that I should get back to it, so here I am. Again. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be doing this for real this time around 🙂

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