Starting Over (Again!)

It might just be a sort of mental disorder, the starting over syndrome, one might call it… but I miss blogging (a lot), even though I still have many reservations about blogging again (sigh!).

A few months back I decided I wanted a clean slate and I started blogging on my account (see this post), but I have this quirky domain that fits me (and my life) very much and is actually printed on all my name cards so why am I wasting it? Plus, I like being self-hosted a lot better because there are less limitations. And so, here I am starting over again.

This time around, my plan is to slowly pull all my blog posts (and by all I actually mean ALL posts I’ve ever written, like all over the web, since the first time I started pouring out thoughts online, if at all possible) so that they’re all at one place. At the same time, of course, I hope to produce new content every once in a while (read: hopefully a lot more than before).

My current main issue is deciding on categories for all these posts and then how to lay them out in the menu, so if you’re reading this and you get lost along the way, I’m sorry. Renovation dust will be all over this place since I even went through a step that I might possibly regret (but was necessary), namely starting over with a fresh install on a new server — thereby deleting three blogs I had on subdomains before. My main regret on that is limited to the images, however, and I would probably be able to solve that since I do have the backup files (I think).

Alright, enough rambling, off I go to do some cleaning up again. Ciao!


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