Time to Blog Again!

I’ve lost count how many times I wrote these type of posts. Maybe I should stop doing them and just go ahead and post something insightful/deep/inspiring/whatnot instead. I feel like I have to do this post though. The clean slate post, I like to call it. The starting over post.

I also debated internally whether I want to keep my previous posts or REALLY start over from scratch. For the moment the keeping side wins. That makes it not exactly a clean slate but whatever.

The other debate I still have, as always, is the question of having one blog for all the things I want to blog about or having separate ones for different main purposes. I’ve tried both, and they all usually end in abandonment, so let’s try the easy one first, huh? Everything in one place it is then.

I suppose I never do plan on abandoning my blog, and there are times when I simply itch to blog. I would sometimes even compose entire blog posts in my head. They just never get written down. Because life gets in the way, I would argue, but mostly it’s because I’m just too lazy to do it. You have time for everything and anything you prioritize, so when I don’t blog, it’s because I haven’t really been prioritizing it.

Blogging has always been my thing, though, ever since I first got on the Internet, which was… ugh, 15 years ago, at least. I know I wrote some things online before my pitas days, things that no longer exist. It’s quite amazing that pitas still exists, BTW. I wish I actually remember all my past blogs. Oh well, those I still remember will have to do. But I digress. Blogging has always been my thing and the fact that the thought of blogging keeps nagging me is probably a sign that I should get back to it, so here I am. Again. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be doing this for real this time around 🙂

Starting Over (Again!)

It might just be a sort of mental disorder, the starting over syndrome, one might call it… but I miss blogging (a lot), even though I still have many reservations about blogging again (sigh!).

A few months back I decided I wanted a clean slate and I started blogging on my wordpress.com account (see this post), but I have this quirky domain that fits me (and my life) very much and is actually printed on all my name cards so why am I wasting it? Plus, I like being self-hosted a lot better because there are less limitations. And so, here I am starting over again.

This time around, my plan is to slowly pull all my blog posts (and by all I actually mean ALL posts I’ve ever written, like all over the web, since the first time I started pouring out thoughts online, if at all possible) so that they’re all at one place. At the same time, of course, I hope to produce new content every once in a while (read: hopefully a lot more than before).

My current main issue is deciding on categories for all these posts and then how to lay them out in the menu, so if you’re reading this and you get lost along the way, I’m sorry. Renovation dust will be all over this place since I even went through a step that I might possibly regret (but was necessary), namely starting over with a fresh install on a new server — thereby deleting three blogs I had on subdomains before. My main regret on that is limited to the images, however, and I would probably be able to solve that since I do have the backup files (I think).

Alright, enough rambling, off I go to do some cleaning up again. Ciao!


Begin Again

Let’s be honest. I miss blogging a lot. And yet, it is so hard to actually start again after you’ve stopped doing something for a long time. And then there’s always that issue I have on where I want to blog, how I want my blog to look like, who do I want to share my writings with and more importantly who would I rather NOT?

I had this brilliant idea a while back on having different blogs for different types of writing, so I could be a book blogger, a travel blogger, and a theology blogger, and a random everyday blogger, catering to my different interests with different potential audiences. It would also allow me to use all the different WordPress themes I adore, and probably make it a lot harder for people to stalk me because who would have time to search out all the different sites I have and read them all, right?

Well, the problem with this brilliant idea is… I do not have the time, nor the energy to keep up with them. Then there’s also the issue of not knowing where I should post something, and eventually I ended up not posting anywhere at all. And now I miss it terribly, and it’s so hard to begin again!

Nevertheless, here I am. Re-starting for the zillionth time in my life. Back to where I was: one blog for all. I decided to not change my address this time around because I kinda like having the same username all over my social media profiles, so might as well keep this one for my blog. I did however get rid (well, actually I put them to private) of my old posts, because it’s always nicer to have that feeling of starting with a clean slate. I might eventually decide to bring them back up again, since I did want to have an archive of all my writings on the web, whether profound or ridiculous, happy or painful. We’ll see.

For now, here I am beginning again. I’m hoping this time I won’t be stopping.