Six Word Memoir(s)

Day 2 of 15-day Writing Challenge.

Six word memoirs are so hard.
After all, still a hopeless romantic.
Sometimes I wish things were different.
Sometimes I cry myself to sleep.
I love my job to bits.
He’s the only one who knows.
“You’re way too nice,” they say.
I still don’t have a plan.
I never feel like my age.
I thought he was the one.
I’m afraid that I screwed up.
I miss the way he smiles.
I should have done it differently.
“You really do love him, huh?”
No regrets, but haunted by memories.
Can we stop? It goes on.


15 Fun Facts About Me

First post of March 15-day Writing Challenge 🙂

  1. Despite my Japanese name (Aiko), I have no Japanese heritage whatsoever.
  2. I was born about a month before I was due. Had I been born in December as expected, my mom would probably have named me Nikki.
  3. I used to collect teddy bears, and I mean really collect them. I definitely still have more than 250 bears.
  4. I still own some toys from my childhood, including a teddy bear and a rabbit doll that were given to me BEFORE I was born, as in they were there in my cradle when I was brought home from the hospital. Yep.
  5. I have over 5000 books at home. Seriously.
  6. Speaking of books, I read 100 books last year and I’m actually very proud about it.
  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. Then I wanted to be a biologist for some weird reason. I hated science in high school Then I studied hotel and tourism management and had no idea what I want. So I studied theology. And now I’m a teacher and I love it to bits. Moral of the story? Stick to your childhood dreams.
  8. I am seriously considering writing a memoir about the men boys who were part of my life. I think it would make a very interesting read. I’m sure some of my friends could attest to that.
  9. My MBTI type is INFP. For some reason though, people hardly ever believe that I am an introvert *shrugs*
  10. I have taught Sunday School for 19 years *gasp*
  11. I have two master’s degrees, both in theology. It’s complicated.
  12. One of the best things in 2016 for me was getting my hair coloured… a rainbow of colours! 😀
  13. This is my favorite number.
  14. One of the best experiences in my life was being pushed into a school of tunas by my diving instructor on my 2nd dive ever. It was amazing!
  15. I have a ridiculously messy desk — which is why I have a domain called which used to be my blog before I decided to streamline my online presence and use this address 🙂

March Writing Challenge

It’s a thought that is always nagging my mind: I need to get back into blogging. For real this time. Well, after all, I have technically been blogging since 2001, perhaps even earlier than that, and I miss it terribly. And yet every time I write down “write a blogpost” on my to-do list, I ended up not doing it. Most of the time it’s because I have no idea what to write. Yes, I have not been blogging for so long that I can’t even decide on what to write about. What a long way I have come since the days when my blog entries went along the way of “I had soup today. YUM!” Oh wait, I still do that today, except I do it over on Instagram. LOL.

Anyway, Aggy (aka the best friend) told me about this 15 day writing challenge hosted by Lorraine, and I figured it will be a perfect way to get back into blogging. Of course the trauma of having a stalker who thinks that because he knows me from all my online writing still lingers, which is why I’m quite hesitant to write about me (if you notice my latest posts, none of them are personal as in talking about me), and these prompts will make me break that spell, so I’m quite anxious about it, but also excited. So here we go!

Day 1
Day 2

I Hated It Because It Reminded Me of Us

Me: So I saw (that movie that’s clean sweeping all the awards) the other day…
Him: Oh yeah, I heard of it. Is it good?
Me: Yeah, but I also kinda hated it.
Him: Why?
Me: (explains all my grudges) and worse of all, there’s this scene where they both smile sadly at each other with understanding…
Him: You mean the kind of smile that says “yeah, I still love you even after all that has happened and we can’t be together”?
Me: Yeah…
Him: *smiles and looks away*
Me: *smiles and looks away as well*


There should be a word to describe the feeling when two people know that they are destined to fall in love but also at the same time realising that it is impossible for them to be together and therefore they choose not to take it any further than sharing conversations and smiles and inside jokes yet instead of being painful, it somehow makes them happy, and they could see this feeling in each other’s eyes, and they understand that they’re sharing the same feeling.

Paris, je t’aime!

One day when we’re sitting in a café, you’ll ask me when it was that I first realized I was in love with you, and I would smile and recall all the moments we shared in our journey thus far, thinking about an answer. No, it wouldn’t be the day I first saw you, it wouldn’t be that smile we shared which no one else noticed, it wouldn’t be that time you touched the small of my back and sent shivers through my spine.

I think the time I realized I was in love with you was when you told me about Paris, about seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time, about going back to marvel at it again and again even if it meant getting left behind. It was the way you told me the story, it made me feel like we both were suddenly transported to Paris, and I was with you, and it was lovely. I remember how your eyes sparkled with the memory, like Paris was magic, and then you smiled at me, like I was, too.

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic ~ Frida Kahlo


Ecumenical Religious Activity: Lord, Bless this Bread You Have Given

Ecumenical Religious Activity on Friday, 29 July 2017

Age: 12-18

Ecumenical Prayer Cycle: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

Supplies: World Map, Bible, Tortilla, prayer points (available from the WCC website)
Bible Reading: John 6:1-15

Opening: Show the world map and ask the participants to find the countries we are praying for today, then say an opening prayer.

After the prayer, show the tortilla and ask each participants to break a piece and keep it in their hands. Make sure everyone has a piece of tortilla, while mentioning that if someone broke a big piece and others don’t receive any tortilla, they are kindly asked to share it.

Explain that a tortilla, which is very common in South America, is very simple and easy to make. Explain how in many areas of the countries we are praying for this week, people are poor and may be unable to have bread, even one as simple as a tortilla. Also, it is quite similar to one of the type of breads that would be available in the time of Jesus.

Read the Bible story.

According to some Bible scholars, the miracle that happened in this story was not a miracle of food multiplication, but rather a miracle of opened hearts. During that time, it would be uncommon for people to travel without having their packed lunch with them. It is more likely that everyone there has some food with them but they are unwilling to share it because they are afraid they won’t have enough. However, one young boy, who is probably quite poor himself, was willing to open his heart and share. Seeing this, and seeing that Jesus received the offered food and prayed for it, opened the hearts of everyone else to also share their food and that’s how they ended up with so many extra food. So the miracle of Jesus was a miracle of opening hearts. Of course, it is also quite possible that Jesus did indeed multiply all the food miraculously. He is Jesus, after all.

The problem of poverty and of hunger in the world, it has been said, can be solved if only people are more mindful of what they are eating: not buying and hoarding food in such excess so that most of the things they stock up end up being thrown away, while the other half of the world suffer hunger.

And so as we eat this tortilla, let us remember that we are called to share what we have. Let us be mindful of what we eat, and let us be willing to share what we have so that others may be filled as well.

(Allow some time to eat the tortilla pieces)

Sing: Bendice Senor Nuestro Pan/Lord Bless the Bread You Have Given

Close in prayer, making sure to pray the ecumenical prayer points as well as other prayer requests you may have.



Two Poems from June 18

What is it, he would say
Nothing, I would answer
And he would believe me and not believe me at the same time
but he would shrug it off because he couldn’t be bothered

“How do you know he doesn’t care?” you ask
“Maybe he just expresses things differently”

Because if he cared, he wouldn’t have left
he would’ve tried harder
he would’ve held my hand


“Is everything okay?” you asked
and I wanted to stare at you
and yell at you
with all the rage I feel building up in me

I wanted to tell you that it’s not okay

it’s not okay that you broke my heart
and then came back into my life acting like nothing happened

it’s not okay that you take me for granted
it’s not okay that we never talk about what’s going on between us
and it’s not okay that I feel so much for you while you apparently feel nothing anymore
or maybe never felt anything to begin with

It’s not okay, but I smiled anyway
and told you I was fine
and maybe we should go and grab some coffee
at that new place that we found yesterday

Time to Blog Again!

I’ve lost count how many times I wrote these type of posts. Maybe I should stop doing them and just go ahead and post something insightful/deep/inspiring/whatnot instead. I feel like I have to do this post though. The clean slate post, I like to call it. The starting over post.

I also debated internally whether I want to keep my previous posts or REALLY start over from scratch. For the moment the keeping side wins. That makes it not exactly a clean slate but whatever.

The other debate I still have, as always, is the question of having one blog for all the things I want to blog about or having separate ones for different main purposes. I’ve tried both, and they all usually end in abandonment, so let’s try the easy one first, huh? Everything in one place it is then.

I suppose I never do plan on abandoning my blog, and there are times when I simply itch to blog. I would sometimes even compose entire blog posts in my head. They just never get written down. Because life gets in the way, I would argue, but mostly it’s because I’m just too lazy to do it. You have time for everything and anything you prioritize, so when I don’t blog, it’s because I haven’t really been prioritizing it.

Blogging has always been my thing, though, ever since I first got on the Internet, which was… ugh, 15 years ago, at least. I know I wrote some things online before my pitas days, things that no longer exist. It’s quite amazing that pitas still exists, BTW. I wish I actually remember all my past blogs. Oh well, those I still remember will have to do. But I digress. Blogging has always been my thing and the fact that the thought of blogging keeps nagging me is probably a sign that I should get back to it, so here I am. Again. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be doing this for real this time around 🙂

Hari Kartini dan Ibu Penyapu Jalan


Si ibu ini… Serius banget nyapu jalan di tengah hujan. Tapi sambil mempersilakan orang lewat. Lalu, pas di depan mobil gw agaknya sadar difoto lalu dia tersenyum menyapa selamat pagi.

Jadi inget quote Martin Luther King Jr. yang bilang:
“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

Dan kemudian kepikiran mungkin itulah pesan Hari Kartini yang sesungguhnya. Seperti Kartini yang terus belajar dan mengajar sekalipun terpaksa harus tunduk pada tradisi, pada orangtua, pada suami yang sudah punya dua istri lain…

  • Milikilah sebuah tujuan (bahkan seandainya tujuan itu layaknya mimpi), dan teruslah bekerja dan berusaha mencapai tujuan itu, sekalipun situasi dan kondisi tidak mendukung.
  • Lakukanlah yang terbaik yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk mencapai tujuanmu di tengah situasi apapun kamu ditempatkan.
  • Sampaikan mimpimu kepada orang lain, yang mungkin akan menyampaikannya kepada orang lain lagi, dan kemudian bisa saja mimpi itu akhirnya menginspirasi banyak orang.
  • Sekalipun mimpimu tampaknya tidak akan mungkin terwujud dalam kehidupanmu, tetap jalankan sekuat tenagamu, karena mungkin apa yang kamu lakukan membantu orang lain mencapai mimpi mereka.

Selamat hari Kartini, segenap penduduk Indonesia!

Terima kasih, ibu penyapu jalan, untuk kerja kerasmu yang membuat jalan raya menjadi bersih, aman dan nyaman untuk kami yang melewatinya. Dan terima kasih untuk senyuman yang membagikan semangat di pagi hari sekalipun hujan tak henti-henti.