15 Fun Facts About Me

First post of March 15-day Writing Challenge 🙂

  1. Despite my Japanese name (Aiko), I have no Japanese heritage whatsoever.
  2. I was born about a month before I was due. Had I been born in December as expected, my mom would probably have named me Nikki.
  3. I used to collect teddy bears, and I mean really collect them. I definitely still have more than 250 bears.
  4. I still own some toys from my childhood, including a teddy bear and a rabbit doll that were given to me BEFORE I was born, as in they were there in my cradle when I was brought home from the hospital. Yep.
  5. I have over 5000 books at home. Seriously.
  6. Speaking of books, I read 100 books last year and I’m actually very proud about it.
  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. Then I wanted to be a biologist for some weird reason. I hated science in high school Then I studied hotel and tourism management and had no idea what I want. So I studied theology. And now I’m a teacher and I love it to bits. Moral of the story? Stick to your childhood dreams.
  8. I am seriously considering writing a memoir about the men boys who were part of my life. I think it would make a very interesting read. I’m sure some of my friends could attest to that.
  9. My MBTI type is INFP. For some reason though, people hardly ever believe that I am an introvert *shrugs*
  10. I have taught Sunday School for 19 years *gasp*
  11. I have two master’s degrees, both in theology. It’s complicated.
  12. One of the best things in 2016 for me was getting my hair coloured… a rainbow of colours! 😀
  13. This is my favorite number.
  14. One of the best experiences in my life was being pushed into a school of tunas by my diving instructor on my 2nd dive ever. It was amazing!
  15. I have a ridiculously messy desk — which is why I have a domain called behindmymessydesk.com which used to be my blog before I decided to streamline my online presence and use this address 🙂

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